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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

It sounds GREAT! 15 minutes every week of consultation with every service provider that works with your child. But what is really happening at these meetings?

Want to find out? You can request notes from these meetings. Yes, the special education teacher should have detailed notes for every meeting that takes place. You, as a parent/guardian, have the right to receive these meeting notes. But… If you find that these notes are just stating things like, “Going well,” or “Next project due next month,” you need to intervene.

Most of the time, special education TEAMS have many other students with consultation, and they group these meetings. Sometimes a particular student receives most of the meeting time, leaving your child without the required 15 minutes of consultation.

To ensure those 15 minutes are packed with information specific to your child, create a log with the TEAM that they need to fill out for each meeting. I have listed two generic examples below, one for academics and one for behavior. Make sure you make the log specific to your child’s needs by listing what specific academic or behavior needs to be improved.

Now that the TEAM has a directed log to fill out, you will be sure they are spending the 15 minutes of consultation for your child. Plus, you will know exactly how the TEAM is working towards your child’s goals.

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