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Dear Little League Coach

Updated: Feb 22

Dear Little League Win at all Cost Baseball Coach,

While you think because you win every game that you are doing what is best for kids, what you really are doing hurts the game.

When you have the same two players on the bench most games, other coaches rotate all players, so everyone plays an equal number of games. Do you really think those players who sit on the bench will want to play next year? They signed up to play baseball, not to sit on the bench.

When you have the same players play the same position every game, other coaches are rotating players, so everyone gets to learn all the positions. Do you really think 9-10 year old are experts in a certain position? Other coaches develop well-rounded players, ready to play any position while you are limiting your players' abilities by learning only one position.

When you have the same batting order every game, the same players at the top of the line-up get more at-bats. You are sending the message that other players are better than others, so they deserve more at-bats. While other coaches rotate the order, every player gets the same at-bats, increasing every player’s confidence and skill level.

When you take out a pitcher because s/he is walking too many batters and put in another pitcher so you can win, you are hurting that pitcher's confidence. While other coaches leave in that pitcher who is struggling, they encourage that pitcher and show that pitcher they believe they can overcome struggles. They are teaching work ethic, grit, and the fact that you have a job to do, and you need to work hard and finish the task. They are teaching teamwork, encouraging the pitcher that they have 8 other teammates ready to back him/her up. While you teach your pitcher, someone better will come in and do the job they couldn’t do. In the long run, your pitcher will never learn how to overcome struggles, while other pitchers have learned with hard work, stick to your guns, and you will get out of the inning.

When you scream out to players where to throw the ball, you have taken away their decision-making skills. While other coaches leave the decision-making to their players, they teach them to learn from their own mistakes. Your players will always be reliant on coaches' orders, while other players will learn to think for themselves. In the long run, the players who think for themselves will be much smarter players.

When you walk around the ball field, making negative comments about other players and teams, your players watch you and learn this negative behavior. While other coaches show respect towards other coaches and players, their players are learning sportsmanship.

Although you are holding the trophy at the end of the season, ALL other players hold the trophy of hard work, teamwork, grit, and the LOVE OF THE GAME!

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